Georg Ehrenwinkler

Artisanal blacksmith trained in Germany. Holds a four-year graduate degree in manufacturing metal-made percussion musical instruments acquired in Germany. He has been working as a sonorous sculpture designer for the past 25 years, creating and manufacturing metal-made instruments to several fields of music, from classrooms and therapeutic clinics to the most important concert halls at the present time.

A Waldorf teacher of applied arts, he has extensive teaching experience, giving courses and classes to children, teenagers and adults in musical and artistic gold smithery and blacksmithing. He has performed with metal-made instruments on stages in countries such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

At MetalGeorg:

Responsible for the manufacturing, creation and development of instruments, promotion and structure of the studio, research and teaching about metals, improvisation, etc.

Daniela Ozi Ehrenwinkler

She studied transversal flute and piano at Conservatório Dramático e Musical in Tatuí, SP and lyre in Brazil and Germany. In both countries, she graduated in Pedagogy, Therapeutic Pedagogy and Waldorf Education (Freie Hochschule Stuttgart/ALE). She also has a degree in Singing Therapy from Escola Raphael de Canto e Cantoterapia de Florianópolis/SC, a specialization course in Music Therapy, Sonorous Therapy and Respiratory Therapy in Palliative Care in Germany.

There, she also became a specialist in children and youth choir conducting, besides being a music therapist in the Medical Palliative Care Department at the Clinical Hospital at the University of Würzburg. Children musical educator and experienced lyre teacher, she has played metal-made instruments and the lyre on stages of countries such as Germany and Switzerland.

At MetalGeorg:

She is responsible for the creation and development of instruments, promotion, research and teaching of metals, improvisation, etc.

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