Music Therapy and Singing Therapy are aimed at the use of music in a salutogenesis context, seeking quality of life and well-being.

No need for musical knowledge to take part.

Singing Therapy

One can reach balance and strengthening of their identity through working with their own voice, internal and external sonorous space, creating a conscience of how to contribute actively for their social and personal well-being with a new attitude.

Interact with the space through your own voice

Discover the impact of your presence in the world

Learn about individual sonorous power through silence

Musical Therapy

With music, the salutary forces which inhabit each human being can be awakened and intensified, taking action in the physical and spiritual realms of those who open up to musical experience.

Reestablish the harmony within yourself

Reestablish the harmony within yourself

Balance yourself in relation to the surrounding world

Sounds for health

Extreme important interventions for those in need of palliative care or medical specialties such as oncology and psychiatry, for children with learning disabilities and people who need to develop self-awareness, among others.

Music therapy

Sonorous therapy

Singing therapy

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