Metal Georg

Manufacturing of percussion music instruments in metal: gongs, tams, cymbals, sound plates, triangles, tamgongs, metallophones, and others.

About us

Making use of the wisdom we have acquired through several courses and international experiences, we produce sounds and share knowledge which elevates the human being.


Instrument Production

We are in constant search for
sonority and enhancement of musical sculptures for:

Discover our sounds

National and International orchestras

Music schools and universities

Musicians who wish to elevate their art

Musical educators, pedagogues and therapists

Courses and experiences

Have unique experiences in a special environment which offers:
• Manual forging process
• Handcrafted piece with strong meaning
• Motor coordination and concentration development

Do it yourself and have an amazing musical experience!
Connect to music, it is possible for everyone!


Music Therapy

We use music in a clinical context, promoting life
quality and well-being.

• Prevention and treatment of health problems
• Strengthening of inner harmony and the surrounding world
• Awakening of each one’s salutary forces

Invigorate your forces

Art, Social Education,
Learning, and
New Paths

We can partner with institutes in order to teach a new profession and music to people who need a new direction.

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